media: colour pencils

My very first CD cover, for Snika's debut (and sole) album, a little gem of underground rock from Bologna.
Clearly, a tribute to Cream's covers like Wheels of Fire or Disraeli Gears. I always loved that graphic style, very Rock but also very free and artistic.
Another thing I always loved are the opening covers with artwork that continues on the back side.
This one continues in vertical because the booklet is a square mini-poster folded four times. I thought was funny to let the listener free to choose as main cover the lower half part with the creamy "Snika" logo or the upper half part with the portaits of the musicians.

You can listen I Can't Shine Like You, a track taken from this album, on Snika's myspace site. Enjoy!

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Gabriele said...

That's fabolous! I know they really rocked hard!! Great image_the author