Concept artworks for Il re dell'isola

all images in this post © Enrico Scheri / artFive 2009

media: pencil, digital colouring

For Il re dell'isola I made several 'concept artworks' to test the setting of the main actions of the script inside the planned background set. I always liked to do this kind of drawings because you can freely explore the mood of the scenes without restrictions in techinique or composition.

As the story is settled in the early 20th century, I chose a charcoal-like style with thin frame lines and classical lettering to recall the popular illustrations of that age.
The image at the beginning of this series shows the main character, Gioanin, as an old man that let his memory return to the childhood days, starting the movie.

The fourth image illustrates Gioanin's dream of the savage island in a daylight version, alternative to the one used in the actual movie. This is the only full-coloured concept artwork with the intent to suggest a different visual style for the dream sequence.

The artworks posted here are just a few of the series I drawn. You can see a larger sample on the gallery section of The King of the Island official website, where you can also compare how the same scene developed from concept artworks through color studies and storyboard to the actual frames of the movie.