2D backgrounds - Lanterna promontory at the beginning of 20th century

all images in this post © Enrico Scheri / artFive 2009

media: digital

For Il re dell'isola I did also some matte painting (still backgrounds behind 3D elements). This is an example of the historical research demanded by this movie, as I had to reconstruct the look of the now-destroyed promontory that once linked the big lighthouse called Lanterna to the hills behind the city.
For the skyline and the shape of the main buildings I referred to a selection of ancient black-and-white photos, and for the colors to a fresco on the roof of the main hall of ducal palace here in Genoa. A bit of imagination was necessary here and there, but the general result seems to me quite believable. 3D clouds, sea and atmospheric effects were added to this background to create the final image you can see in the movie.

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